Candy is one of the children’s favorite desserts. It is not limited to the season, it can be eaten all year round. And there are many flavors and types of candies. As Halloween approaches, its sales volume is especially good. Where do you usually buy sweets? Many people think of candy shops. In fact, in addition to candy shops, we can also see sweet candy kiosks in shopping malls. It also mainly sells candies. Although its position is not large, it also sells many kinds of candies. Let’s look at this sweet candy kiosk below.

Sweet Candy Kiosk Review

This sweet candy kiosk is designed according to the requirements of our customers. The size our customer got in the mall is 12x7ft. When we finish the design, we will send it to the customer for confirmation. If there is no problem, the customer will send it to the mall for review. In addition to providing 3D design drawings, we also provide construction drawings, which contain all the details of our machine. Including materials and dimensions.

After we submitted the design and drawings to the mall, the mall gave feedback on several points that needed to be modified. Including our materials. The material of this kiosk was originally MDF and baking paint, but because the shopping mall does not allow baking paint. So we changed the material to plywood and laminate. In addition to the modification of the materials, we also answered all the points that the mall did not understand. After completing the details based on the mall’s proposal, our kiosk passed the review.


Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Glass: Tempered glass

Kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic

Production time: About 28 working days


Sweet Candy Kiosk Description

We can see from the design drawing that this kiosk is relatively simple. On both sides of 12ft is our candy display area. Our display is trapezoidal, and they have four layers. This trapezoidal laminate display mainly displays our candies through candy boxes. The number of candy boxes is relatively large. We know that the color of candy is also very rich. Putting it together like this is very beautiful.

On both sides of 7ft, one side is the cash register and the other side is the sink cabinet. According to the requirements of the mall, we increased the number of sinks to three. There are two hidden sinks under the counter. We have installed sockets in the cabinets. Customers can connect to the water supply pipes in the mall. Our sockets are for our water pumps.

The top is decorated with our kiosk, and we can also put our logo and advertising player on it so that customers can see us from a distance. If we want to design the roof, we need pillar support. We installed lightbox paintings on the cabinet under the pillars. The lightbox painting is also part of our kiosk decoration, we can show pictures of our candies. They look very attractive.

Sweet Candy Kiosk Real Picture

When our kiosk is approved by the mall, we will start production. There are logos on the outside of our cash register and sink cabinet. We need you to send us your logo PDF source file and the picture of the lightbox painting you want to display. So we can print them out and install them on our kiosk.

We have installed light strips on the top of each display layer, and our display area is bright. We also installed spotlights on the top. The kiosk we provide is complete. We will install all sockets, light strips, logos, and lightbox paintings.

How to start a sweet display kiosk?

Design is the beginning of our kiosk. If we want to start our kiosk in the mall, we must submit the kiosk design to the mall. The size we get in the mall is different, we need to design a kiosk that fully meets our requirements based on our actual situation. So if you want to start your kiosk. Please tell us what size kiosk you need, and send us your logo and requirements. Our designers will help you design.

Our design fee is 300$ when we place an order, it will be returned to you. And our design time is 2-3 working days.

How can I pay?

For the design fee, we support PayPal, wire transfer, and western union.


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