Candy is popular among people. Marshmallows are now colored fruity, and can also be made into colored patterns. The reason why many businessmen choose cotton candy business is because of its profit and market. The first is profit. As we all know, cotton candy is low in cost and high in profit. It is easy to operate and easy to learn. Today I want to introduce a candy kiosk to help your business.

This candy kiosk looks elegant and colorful, which attracts people and make your candy kiosk outstanding. It is suitable to use both in isde. If you own a small shop, you can also choose this style to help you. Let’s view the real looks together

sweet candy cartcandy booth

sweet candy cabinet

Site selection for selling cotton candy

The market is the main condition. Choose a place with a large flow of people as the primary location. In this case, the machine will work all the time, which will not only save gas and electricity, but also make the business prosperous. The best location for selling cotton candy can be located near parks, schools, Internet cafes, shopping malls, subway entrances, etc. These places have a large flow of people. You can discuss with other stores to get a small place. Everyone gathered together, more lively, more people.

Season of selling cotton candy

Generally speaking, hot weather is not suitable for making cotton candy. Because the summer weather is hot and the marshmallows are easy to make, the summer business should be a little lighter, but you must use professional machines to make good marshmallows. And you have to master the techniques of cotton candy yourself, candy kiosk for example, when to add sugar, how much to add, some need a few colors, in general, always prepare 2 colors. One is white with white sugar flavor. The second one is a little pigmented, strawberry flavored. Add sugar appropriately according to your favorite and customer’s opinion

candy kiosk

If you have any idea about sweet candy kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us. We can help you custom made one meet your demands. I am looking to discuss more details with you. Thank you

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