Unique Food Mall Kiosk for Breakfast for Sale

If we want to do business? how can start it? let us talk about the steps to open a business. The first thing you need has the start money and ideas about which style you want to start. Then, you need to find a place in the mall. And next step is to select a professional factory to help you design the retail kiosk.We help many clients do their kiosk and they are in a good run. Today, I will introduce one food kiosk to you.


The order process

Start design first and make the manufacture deposit, then is pack, will arrange shipment after you pay the balance.

why does it need design?

First, every type of food needs a different kiosk, and the requirements of different people are different. The difference includes the style, the size, the location lawyer, the mall criteria, the budget of the person, and so on. So if we manufacture a kiosk according to your ideas, it needs to design. Second, the design is the first step and an important step, we not only meet your needs but meet the mall criterion, our 3d design can help you through the check and get mall approval. Third, the price of the kiosk also depends on the final design, so we can give you the price. Or we can give you the exact price. Because customized kiosk doesn’t have an existing price.

The introduction of this food kiosk food kiosk

This breakfast kiosk is also used in malls. The biggest attractive place is color, red and white color matching, which is eye-catching and unique. The material is plywood with a laminate finish, The counter has a glass backsplash and wood grain cashier counter combination, a little different design. The backsplash can help you keep your working area clean, we reserve a small hole for food picking up. The tall cabinet is a menu show area, people can see your menu and place an order on the right side. It is very convenient.

Other information

In all the kiosks we will install the sink water and electricity for your use, and we will install the socket in your country. Meanwhile, under the counter, the kiosk has many drawers for you to store inventory. The skirting area is made of stainless steel to support the kiosk.

Thank you for your reading, welcome to contact us if you need a kiosk to start your business.


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