Eyebrow threading kiosk becomes more and more popular nowadays. Because the investment is small, the payback is quick. Many entrepreneurs start their first business with eyebrow threading kiosk. And it turned out a very correct choice because they opened a chain store and even have franchisees. Many people ordered eyebrow threading kiosks from the first order. Today, I want to share a popular eyebrow threading kiosk with you, hope it can help you better.

The birth of white eyebrow threading kiosk

Collect design idea

It’s same the first business for this customer from Sydney, Australia. Like most of the entrepreneur, my customer share many styles and kiosks photos for reference. Because she even doesn’t know which style is better. So we discussed and confirm the details for a long time to come up with a new idea. That’s why we tell most of our customers to leave more time to prepare their business. As it needs a long time to confirm a perfect and attractive eyebrow kiosk design to start.

Make the 3D design drawing

When the design idea is clean, our designer team start making 3D design model. It usually takes about 3 working days to finish. Because our designer also has a meeting to come up with good ideas for the eyebrow kiosk. The design should not only meet people’s demand but also attractive and luxury enough. That’s the reason why our designer department always works overtime. And mall kiosk design picture with detailed drawing needs 300usd design fee. It will deduct from the total amount, so you can still get the right kiosk design for free and also send to the mall manager for review.

Confirm eyebrow counter design

Usually, the first drawing is highly matched our customers’ idea. However, they need to make small changes to make it better. Such as change the kiosk colour to others, add a lightbox, replace the brand logo to a menu. Whatever you think should be better, we can help you modify soon. However, please don’t change too much. It turns out that the first design is the closest to perfection.


Introduction about white eyebrow station

As we can see the main tone of the eyebrow threading kiosk is golden finish frame with high glossy baking paint. That high light your store and attract people. You can also put the brand logo to the front counter and sidewall. Let’s view more details together.

For the front side, we can see there is a glass counter with the reception desk closed to the entrance. The right side has two mirror station with locked drawers on the bottom. Top ceiling with spotlight makes the kiosk unique and luxury. While the backside also has an eyebrow threading station with big display counter for both showcase and storage. People can sit down near the entrance to have a rest and wait for eyebrow threading service. Next to it is a water tap with a sink for water usage. You can also put a TV player and posters in the backside the area.

3D design show

salon furniture design brow bar cabinet eyebrow extension kiosk eyelash booth decoration

More information

Manufacture this kiosk takes about 30 working days because it has complex craft. We should first make the mental frame of the eyebrow threading kiosk. Then paint it to gold finish to make sure that it is matched to the kiosk size. Why not making the frame and wood body together? Because the wood body is made according to the mental frame. Good products need to pay more attention and costs more. And due to the nice work, we help this custom build many eyebrow kiosks and ship to a different port. View more designs in Australia

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