Unique Bake Kiosk Coffee Booth with Metal Decoration


Do you like crepe and bake? It’s a very popular snack in the world, as it tastes good and drives away hunger. People like to buy bread and coffee on their way to work. If you plan to open a food shop, a bake kiosk is a good choice. Because it is easy to start and can earn money soon. Today, I want to share a nice bake kiosk with you.

Description of bake kiosk

As we can see in the drawing, this bake kiosk size is 4m by 2m. It has a cabin decorated half kiosk. That attracts people’s attention and leaves a deep impression. This bake kiosk has a unique design and uses different materials to get a good effect. The materials include wood panel, metal tube, plywood body with laminate finishes, stainless steel kicking, and tempted glass display


Layout information

We can see the front area has 2 long display counters with topping. You can place cakes, bakeries, and bread so that clients can purchase directly. The end has a wood finish cabin, the difference is another is in the middle of the back area. Your brand name, logo can attach to it. Inside is full-use stickers. Equipment like coffee machine, make microwave place at the countertop for better usage. Water sink also places here.


There are metal tubes on the counter ceiling, you can hang a menu, posters here, that can guide people to buy food and drink. You can also make a menu on the counter table or kiosk body for easy viewing.

Cashier counter

Cashier counter set at the side, so that clients can order and pay bills together. On the bottom has drawers and cabinets for storage. If you looking for a customize bake kiosk, please contact us for more information. Thank you

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