UAE wooden material cafe bar counter coffee food kiosk design

Coffee is a fragrant beverage and is an important part of people’s day. Although coffee is bitter, it is one of the most favorite drinks in the world. There are many people who started a coffee business.

No matter you want to open in the shopping mall or in a restaurant. You need a coffee bar counter kiosk to make the coffee and serve the customers. A good coffee kiosk that fit your need is very important. It can be better for your business operation. Let us check a coffee kiosk design together. 



Let us have a look at the 3d design of this coffee kiosk. The structure can separate into 3 parts, the counter on the front side, the counter on the back side and the back wallboard.

For the front side counter, we have two small display fridges in the middle that can display the cake or fruit. And the left side of the front counter has a cashier area and it has the acrylic sneeze guard or we can make it glass material both good. On the right side of the front counter is a pick-up area.

On the back side of the coffee bar counter has the water sink, coffee machine microwave oven on the countertop. Under the countertop has the drawers and storage cabinets, built-in ice machine and a fridge inside the cabinet.

The back wallboard has the lighted box for the menu. And a small area for the display shelf on the wall to put some cups. Then it can convenient for the staff to take the cups.



Our company can offer customized design services and we have our own factory that can produce the kiosk. We can make a customized coffee kiosk exactly to fit your need according to your idea. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a unique coffee kiosk for your own!

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