Two classic indoor mall coffee kiosk coffee bar for sale

Coffee kiosk business is always the best mall kiosk business idea for startups. However, too many people missed an important issue in setting a mall kiosk business. A mall coffee kiosk design is the first step for your coffee service business indoor. Why is that? Because a successful mall coffee kiosk design will bring you not only attractive and outstanding. But also customer traffic.

So when you begin to set up a coffee kiosk business in the shopping mall, you need to get a unique coffee kiosk design first. Here below are two classic coffee kiosk designs and coffee bar designs used for the indoor malls. You can get nice inspiration from those coffee kiosk ideas.

Starbucks coffee kiosk design

The first design is the Starbucks Coffee kiosk. As we all know, Starbucks is a big coffee retail company that has over 5000 shops all over the world. This Starbucks coffee kiosk can be the first and traditional symbol of its brand. A lot of solid wood used on this design, pirate boat coffee kiosk design ideas on top of the kiosk, solid and smooth counter bar. The finest advertising poster Are all the best ideas for this design. And the right color combination and natural wood circumstance make the whole kiosk design a nice and easy experience for customers. Many customers like this coffee kiosk design. It is one of the hot sale coffee kiosk of our company. We can make this same design but customize it according to the size you want.


Solid wood coffee booth design

The second coffee bar is similar to the Starbucks coffee kiosk. This indoor mall coffee kiosk design used a lot of solid wood timber finished. Intended pre-fabricated old wooden panels give us an old and historical feeling. While brushed stainless steel used on the edges will drug you back to reality. This is quite a modern look cafe shop design.

Meanwhile, the solid wood bar stool used on this coffee bar counter is also a good element for this type of coffee bar. But the coffee kiosk design is different from the juice bar or bubble tea kiosk. A professional indoor coffee kiosk design must have the ability to tell the brand story. Tell the coffee history and give the right definition of coffee service. Also, the solid wood material is the most famous and popular material in USA. Because it is a high end material and durable material use for the food kiosk.

The design of this solid wood kiosk has the front bar counter for customer with the bar chairs. Under the countertop we make the warm white color Led strip light to light up the kiosk. This way can make the solid wood coffee kiosk more beautiful and attractive. On the top ceiling, it has many wine glass, very beautiful. On the back side, it has a display showcase to display many kind of wine.


Customize coffee kiosk design service

Our company do the customize coffee kiosk design service. We are the professional food kiosk factory in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd will help you to boom the business not only the food business. For the food business, whatever you want to start, we can customize a unique food kiosk design for you.

We do customize kiosk design service and also we will produce the kiosk for you. From the design to delivery, we will follow up with you. If you want a similar or same indoor mall coffee kiosk design. Welcome to contact us. Please email us at, thank you very much.

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