Train station or airport is always consider a large traffic area. And those places are dreamed places to start a kiosk business . But what kind of business suit here ? Are all business can success in those crowd places ? The answer is negative.  Choose the right business ideas and working hard is the best way to go.

Unique kiosk is a professional coffee kiosk manufacturer. According to our expert experience. Fast Food  kiosk ,Coffee kiosk, Massage Kiosk , Juice kiosk will be the best kiosk business ideas in train station or airport.

How to start a train station coffee kiosk ?

Because your coffee shop is going to be installed in a train station . So the procedure is worked  similarly with in shopping mall . If you have worked in a mall kiosk before or you have already opened kiosk in mall will be much easier for you. Here blow are basic steps to open a train station coffee kiosk .

Firstly, go to the train station office , asking for a space for lease if they do .

Secondly, Submit your drawings and coffee kiosk design. Since the coffee kiosk is used in train station . Fire proof material is a must. All the technology drawing must be official and well planed.

Thirdly, Get a manufacturer to build your kiosk and install the kiosk into train station. Most of the coffee kiosk manufacturer will provide installation service.

Finally, Hire worker and open your business.

To design and build a train station used coffee kiosk is similar to mall kiosk design. even more strict rules. As kiosk in train station or airport has more travelers and more traffic. Safety is always the first priority for all the places. Some very good places even you can pay high rent. They will not sign you a lease, Mostly is for safety reason.


Our Coffee kiosk features.

1. Modern train station coffee kiosk round design with stainless steel kicker for corner protection.
2. Artificial stone counter top for heavy loading and durable, Different color available.
3. Stainless steel Hand sink to keep health and clearing.
4. Perfect innovative design and style, easy install, simple operation.
5. Different design style, high quality material, is very popular among fashionable shops
6. The modern and unique design of beauty can increase the pleasant impression of whole brand.
7. Customized Your logo can be printed on Front counter, menu board…
8. Light strip underneath chassis, shiny display effect of your kiosk.
9. Environmental-friendly material, durable structure, fast delivery, export-orientation.

If you need a customized coffee kiosk or mall used coffee shop .Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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