No matter children or adults, when they pass by an attractive candy booth, they would like to stop to see and taste delicious candies. At this time, some people want to buy candy to taste. Most of the time, we don’t especially purchase candies to the designated location. Sometimes, we buy it just in time for us to pass by. Why do we want to stop and buy it? The beautiful candy booth is very pretty to catch people’s eyes. So, if you want to buy a booth to sell your sweets, then first we need to make a design for it.

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Candy Booth Design Ideas

The candy booth I am going to introduce today is designed according to the requirements of our customers from Nigeria.  It mainly sells candies, marshmallows, and popcorn, which are some of the snacks that children like very much. When we design, we must consider how to let children see our products at first sight. We all know that candies are packed in boxes. We usually put them on the countertop, but more often they are put on the trapezoidal display cabinet. Looking at it this way, a row is full of candies. And the colors of the candies are very many, so if they are placed in a trapezoid, they look particularly attractive.

The color of the booth can choose brighter, such as pink, sky blue, or red. We can also add some colors to our logo. The main colors of this candy booth are pink and purple, and they are the same color scheme, so they won’t be unobtrusive. The candy is displayed outside, and our marshmallows and popcorn are displayed on the countertop.

We all know that these two kinds of snacks are made by machines. Our machines can be placed where customers can see. Due to the small size of this kiosk, the interior is a bit crowded.

The size that customers get in the mall is 3×2.5m. In addition to the display, the countertop must also have a place to place our cash register. This is our main display, equipment, and color matching. If you want to make the booth richer, we can put lightbox paintings or some colorful stickers on it. They can all be used as decorations for our booth.

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Material Details

This candy booth basic material is MDF (Medium-density fiberboard). It is stronger and denser than wood-based panels and is one of the main substrates for kiosks in shopping malls. The surface treatment uses glossy pink baking paint and purple baking paint. The gloss paint looks very shiny and has good color rendering.  For the countertop, we can use man-made stone or white baking paint. We use frosted glass for the baffle on the side of the machine, which can prevent our customers from directly touching our machine. All of our kiosk skirtings are covered with stainless steel to prevent water from directly contacting our kiosk base. In addition to stickers as decoration, we can also install light strips under the countertops, which can not only add light to our booth but also make it more conspicuous.

material details

kiosk details

Production & Installation

When we confirm the design, we will start production. All our booths have a detailed drawing, and our workers will produce according to our drawing. You need to send us your logo file and product poster image. Since there are many kinds of pink and purple, we will send you a color card for you to choose from before starting to spray the color. You need to choose the color you want. Then we will start spraying colors. We will install your logo, poster, glass baffle, socket, and a light strip on the booth. Before shipment, we will put the cabinets together, turn on the power, and send you photos or videos. You can see a complete booth.

This candy booth is disassembled. When you receive the goods, you need to put the separate cabinets together and connect the sockets under them. Our main power supply is in the cabinet of the cash register. After you connect all the cabinets, you need to connect the main wire of the booth to the mall, and then you can use it. The following is a schematic diagram. If you still don’t understand, we can send you an installation video after finishing the production.

install details

Custom Candy Booth

We are a custom company if you want to custom your candy booth. You can contact us and share your mall space, your logo, and your requirements. Our designer team can help us to make a candy booth design. You can learn all the details through 3D design and you can send it to your mall for approval. Our booth price is based on the final design, it depends on the size, material, and style. Our mall kiosk design fee is 300$, we will provide you with a completed design drawing and detailed drawing, and help you to get the mall approval. Once the design is approved, we can arrange production and shipping to your country. No matter where you are, we can deliver it to you. Our customers come from all over the world, I hope you are one of them. We look forward to your consultation.

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