Sugarcane juice is the juice squeezed out of sugarcane and is a sweet-tasting beverage. Many people like to drink sugarcane juice in summer, because sugarcane juice can help people quench their thirst. Sugarcane juice is a drink suitable for all ages because it is a very natural drink.

If you want to start a business, you can consider selling sugar cane juice. Because its competitive pressure is slightly less. At the same time, you also need a good sugarcane juice kiosk to sell sugarcane juice. Next, I want to introduce you to a sugarcane juice kiosk. This style is very popular with the public.

Sugarcane Juice Kiosk

The Sugarcane juice kiosk use the plywood as a basic material. For the bamboo, the surface use the green baking paint. We use the green laminate, wood laminate as a main color. Interior counter top we use the artificial stone. Because it is strong and suit for food counter. A whole style of the kiosk is natural and healthy. The green and wood color represent the original ecology, many people drink it securely.

Kiosk Layout

The front of the sugarcane juice kiosk, we put the display stand to display the juice. You can see there a wooden board, under the wooden board we do the bamboo. The one side of the kiosk, we put the light box, can advertise our product. The corner we put the wooden box to storage the sugarcane. The back of the counter we put the sinks and you can see the interior cabinet we do the wooden laminate. For the front of  kiosk, we use the green laminate. It can match the bamboo and the wooden laminate.

You can see there outside of the kiosk, we will put the square storage to put the sugarcane. In order to keep the clean environment, we also put the glass to keep from the dust and debris.



The production photos

You can see the production photos,we use real bamboo, and then the top layer is made of baking varnish. This will make the whole kiosk more green and natural. There are a cup shape because of the customer’s requirements. He want people more clear his product.

Production Process

Firstly, we need to do the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet is a essential for the whole kiosk. We will produce it according to the construction drawings strictly. The wooden cabinet we use the plywood as a main material.

Second, Stick the green laminate and wood laminate. put the bamboo into the kiosk.

Thirdly, Install the logo, light strip, the light box, and some other accessories.

How to make a effective 3d design?

For the beginning, you need to know what size of the kiosk do you want?  If you have any ideas for the kiosk, please  feel free to tell me. We have professional design team, we customize the juice kiosk according your size, color and layout. If you have own logo, we also can put your logo on the kiosk. You also can submit the 3d design and the construction drawings to the mall for approval. If there are any modification, we will assist you to do it.


Design time: production time will take 3-5 working days. The production time will take 22-25 working days. The shipping time depends on the which country you located and the which port is near to you.

Unique Display have more then 13 years experience, can provide the professional craft for you. We have produced many kiosks and shipped to many countries like the USA, AUS, CA,UK, French, some Europe countries and so on.


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