Dear customers, welcome to visit our website. Today, we want to recommend a new eyebrow threading display kiosk for your business.

This eyebrow threading display kiosk covers 4m×6m, the basic color is black with light yellow for decoration. The whole kiosk includes 4 eyebrow threading seats, one Manicure table, a waiting bench, a massage bed and a cashier counter. You can see in the design, 2 of the eyebrow seats side by side, another are opposite to each other. This design not only makes full use of the space, but also makes your kiosk unique. Is this the design you want?

Seen this, you may want to know how to production this eyebrow threading display kiosk.

Usually, we use MDF as the basic material. We do the glossy painting to high light the kiosk. Because the painting makes the kiosk more beautiful and it has a smooth touch. Besides, the we can add yellow light to remind people from far away.

The work table is made by white man made stone to match the stylish of your eyebrow kiosk.  When you need more storage place, the black display with tempered glass should be help. Also, you can display some product on the counter top, under the bottom is locked cabinets, you can put something important here.  The high wall is for putting light paint boxes and TVs. The high stand in the antrance is to put your brand logo and play newest video ad.

As we all know, a good eyebrow threading display kiosk can both show and make your product and service stand out to customers. Not along the eyebrow kiosk is from your own idea. And you can feel free to think what you want, our excellent design department can turn your ideas into reality. Don’t you think it’s very cool?

Stylish eyebrow threading kiosk

What’s more, we will add light, wires, hardwares onto the kiosk. And all the doors with locks, you can use it directly in the shopping mall.

Thank you for reading. It’s time for tell us your own ideas, we are online and waiting for your inquiry.

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