Stylish And Elegant Liquor glass Display Kiosk In Mall For Sale

Liquor is a very popular drink and there are many kinds. And each liquor has a matching glass. Because only the right liquor glass can highlight the flavor and characteristics of the liquor. Such as whiskey glass. It has no legs, a large mouth, and a thick body. People can add ice or water at will. In order to withstand the shaking and collision of ice cubes and cups. Usually choose a wide and thick cup. These features of the glass can make the whiskey more beautiful and texture. Also it can increase the pleasure of tasting. So the choice of liquor glasses has a big impact on liquor tasting. Do you agree?

Here is a stylish and elegant liquor glass display kiosk. It is that I want to share with you.

The Stylish And Elegant Liquor Glass Display Kiosk Description

This liquor glass display kiosk size is 3x2m, and the color is white, blue and golden. Overall it looks very fashionable and elegant. The liquor glass display kiosk material is MDF with baking paint, tempered glass, acrylic 3D logo and light strips. There is a glass display stand on both sides of the liquor glass display kiosk. They can display different liquor glasses. Also the kiosk has a checkout counter. And there is a poster on the outside of it.

Wine glass display

In addition, there is a white and golden cup shaped decoration and golden 3D logo on both sides of the kiosk. It is quite beautiful and people are attracted at first sight. Also the liquor glass display kiosk has a golden board with a cup shaped decoration. This can advertise liquor glasses. Under the countertop has some cabinets for storage. Besides liquor glasses, you also can store some liquor in the cabinets. When customers choose liquor glasses, combine liquor and liquor glasses to introduce to customers. In this way, customers can easily choose the glasses they like and fit. It is very useful, isn’t it?

Wine glass kiosk Wine glass shop

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