The outdoor kiosk is designed to withstand the inclement weather. The rugged enclosure protects the interior from the heat, sunshine, wind, rain, and snow.

Outdoor coffee kiosk


1. About the outdoor coffee kiosk:

Outdoor coffee kiosks are used for street, amusement parks, stadiums, and some outdoor commercial area. Because outdoor food kiosks constantly exposed to the elements, they need to watertight from the ground up.

Outdoor kiosks have a long service life ranging from 10-30 years. Like most products, you get what you pay for. Sturdier, more expensive kiosks will cost you more upfront but you don’t have to replace them often.


2. About the design for the outdoor coffee kiosk:

Our company has a strong and professional design team, so we can customize a new outdoor coffee kiosk only for you. For the design, we usually charge 300 USD for the design deposit, but it will return to you when you order a kiosk. The size is customized for your location, please kindly let me know what size do you want. And then we can make the 3 D design drawing for you.


2. Outdoor coffee kiosk Average Costs:

Outdoor kiosks are usually more expensive than indoor kiosks because they require technology and materials to protect them from natural factors. Usually, the outdoor kiosk price is double than an indoor kiosk, just because the materials of the outdoor kiosk is different than the indoor kiosk.


3. The main material of the outdoor coffee kiosk:

Outdoor coffee kiosk material

The main materials we used for the outdoor kiosk is the aluminum-plastic panel.

As a new type of decoration material, since the late 1980 s and early ‘ninety s introduced from Germany to China, with its economy, optional color diversity, convenient construction method, excellent processing performance, excellent fire retardancy, and noble quality, quickly get the favor of people.


If you have any questions about the outdoor coffee kiosk, please feel free to contact us on Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com.






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