Splendid clothing display rack in clothing store decoration to America

Good day! Glad to know that you are in the market of the clothing display rack for your clothing store decoration. It is a great idea to open a clothing store, because everyone likes beautiful clothing and need to buy new clothing nearly every month. Here is a splendid clothing display rack for your reference. Hope it will give more idea to your own shop design. Let’s view more details together.

3D design about the clothing display rack

From the 3D design, we can view the design of the shop clearly. The basic tone of the clothing shop is white with display rack on the wall. And there are a lot of clothing display cabinet to showcase different kinds of clothing, so that clients can purchase the favorite style they want. There is a small reception counter with bench in front, which can light our shop and clients can have a rest here. The display shelves on the back wall can better restore and placement T-shirt and boots.

We should also put models closed to the clothing cabinet, which will attracts more customers and brings us more profit. If we want to expand our business, we can add a glass display counter in the center to showcase small products, such as rings, necklace and earrings for better match the clothing. Therefore, when clients try on the clothing, they can purchase them at the same time.

clothes display rack

More information

  • Basic information: MDF
  • Surface: Baking paint
  • Other materials: Mental frame, stainless steel, spot light, acrylic logo, light box painting, etc.
  • Style: Modern and Unique
  • Design time: 3-5 business days
  • Size: Customized size according to the store dimensions

If you like this design, please contact us! We can add your own thoughts to the store design and even draw a new design to show you the effort. I am glad to know this article will help you a little. Thank you for reading.

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