creative new finished spices display kiosk nuts booth in Australia

Recently we just did a spices display kiosk shipped to Australia, it is a very functional and nice design.

Here I want to share you have a look:

spices display kiosk

see this kiosk, it is 4m by 2.5m, not very big, but you can see it is very functional. The countertop has many topping used to display spices, under countertop have many glass display showcase for bottled spices display. then at left side have a tall display stand with shelves for spices display.

spices display kiosk

then see the color theme, warm yellow match grey color inside make whole kiosk looks very comfortable and nice.

It can also be used to display nuts, snacks, popcorn, etc. The most valuable place to learn is the display showcase design.

under countertop showcase design won’t took space on countertop, at same time can enlarge the display area, make whole use of all space. and it can help attract customers, customers can see your products from outside clearly.

Materials used in this spices display kiosk

1. Basic material: plywood with yellow laminate, grey laminate

2. countertop: countertop used manmade stone

3. Glass showcase: used 8mm tempered glass

4. Accessories: stainless steel topping bowls, ceramic sink, illuminated logo, led signs,hardwares

Now let’s enjoy some real production photos:

you can see the real work effect is very big. Our workshop has more than 10 years of experience in making customized kiosks, we will check every step to ensure give a good work!

Welcome to inquiry if you have any needs!




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