Fresh juice has become popular among people. It’s the right time to open a fresh juice bar kiosk in the mall center. So when people going shop, they can buy a cup of fresh juice from you. And you can also earn a profit. Today, I want to share a nice fresh juice bar kiosk with you.

The decoration can make the fresh juice kiosk more attractive, which in turn makes the fresh juice shop more attractive to consumers of fresh juice drinks. The owner of a freshly squeezed juice shop cannot ignore the decoration of a freshly squeezed juice shop that meets their own needs and the needs of the freshly squeezed juice shop.

How to decoration the juice bar kiosk?

The exterior design of the freshly squeezed juice beverage store mainly includes exterior design, logo design, entrance, and exit design, and exterior lighting design.

Appearance design

The exterior design is the overall impression of a freshly squeezed juice beverage store and can reflect the level and personality of the freshly squeezed juice beverage store. Can be divided into modern style and traditional style. Most stores adopt a modernist style, which has a certain incentive effect on customers with a strong sense of the times.

Logo design

The design and installation of the signboard must be novel, eye-catching, concise, beautiful, and able to attract customers’ attention. Generally speaking, if the logo is set properly, it can attract customers better.

Entrance and exit design

When designing the population of a fresh juice beverage store, it is necessary to consider factors such as the business area of the fresh juice beverage store, passenger flow, geographic location, service characteristics, and safety management. If the design is unreasonable, it will cause crowding of people and goods, or the goods will arrive at the exit without being read by customers, which will affect service and sales.

Exterior lighting design

The bright and eye-catching appearance of freshly squeezed juice beverage shops is usually achieved by decorating neon lights. This kind of lighting can make the atmosphere more active, more attractive, and can receive better psychological effects.

juice bar kiosk

Description About solid wood juice kiosk

The main surface material is the solid wood surface with man-made stone. The front side is a display counter with a cashier register. While the back wall is full of the menu, so people can purchase a different taste of fresh juice directly. On the bottom is a working counter to prepare the drinks and frozen yogurt. The top ceiling has a large light brand name with the model. There is a display stand like an arch, on which you can display different types of products for customers to choose from. Thereby attracting more potential customers. There is a large poster on the side, so people can know you better and can also be attracted by the delicious food. Do you like this fresh juice bar kiosk decoration?

Material show:

Basic material: Plywood
Surface material: Solid wood bar
Countertop material: Man-made stone
Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, floor light strip, spotlight, posters, tempered glass, etc.
We can choose suitable materials to build a fresh juice kiosk. And also make it suits for your location. Please feel free to tell us all your requirements before production. Once the order arranges to the workshop, everything is confirmed and won’t change any more.


  1. How to get the unique fresh juice kiosk?
    It’s better to build the juice bar kiosk design first and add your ideas to it. So you can see the kiosk in real life
  2. How long should I get the fresh juice bar counter?
    Design drawing needs 3-5 business days, production takes 22-25 business days. But you should leave more time to check and modify the design better.
  3. How to assembly the kiosk?
    We should install the kiosk well in our factory, and divided into parts for better transportation. However, we will note numbers outside the kiosk. When you receive the fresh juice bar kiosk, just follow the instructions and put them together.
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