Solid Wood Biltong Kiosk Mall Food Kiosk in the Mall

biltong kiosk

Biltong kiosk plays a big role in our daily life. Because biltong can be kept for a long time, not only as a staple food to fill the stomach but also as a snack. If you plan to open a biltong kiosk in the mall, I am sure that you will have a great business. Today, I’d like to show a unique biltong kiosk sharing with you.

Description of biltong kiosk

This biltong kiosk has a unique design, because it only has 3 sides, and leaves the side open as an entrance. It is good for a location of 2m by 2m if your location is near the elevator or close to the wall. This kiosk also fits your space well.

biltong boothFront view

We can see the front has a large glass display showcase with plates. It can show differnet flavors of biltong to clients. It has two display shelving, each can add a light lamp to show products. While the bottom has solid wood surface decoration, which highly matches your shop theme. Near it is a cabinet, scales place here for better use.

Side view

The side has a white counter, we can check bills here, clients can also pay the cashier directly. We can see there are packed hang on the side, brand signage also attaches at the top, which allows poeple know your business and remember you.

biltong shop in mallBack view

We can see there is a high wall cabinet at the backside, Biltongs are hanging here, clients can view the quality and purchase one they want. We can also add glass sliding doors, that can keep products clean. The counter table is used for both cut biltongs and showcase items. Under the counter has lock cabinets, we can store items here.

If you want to add or change somewhere, just contact us here. We have an excellent team to help you do unique 3D designs.

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