Small Size Makeup Kiosk Cosmetic Display Stand For Retail Store

The cosmetic display stand is one of the most common showcases in the shopping mall. Many well-known cosmetics brands will open the branch in the shopping mall to expand their business. You can see many cosmetic kiosks or cosmetic shops in many shopping malls. And cosmetics is an industry where women’s consumer goods are relatively high in sales. So if you are interested to make a cosmetic kiosk or cosmetic store in the shopping mall, please feel free to contact us for help.

This is a small size of the makeup display stand. The style is a very common look, can use for the retail shopping mall kiosk or inside the cosmetic shop. It can use to display various cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, etc. The below have a glass stand and with a lighted box or we can make it advertising TV. To play the video and pictures. We will use MDF as the basic material and surface with baking paint finished. MDF is a commonly used material in the cosmetic display cabinet. And MDF has the advantages of smooth surface, easy to paint, easy to cut and shape, smooth cut surface, no worms and so on.


How to make a design for the cosmetic display cabinet?

We are the customize factory, so we can customize a new cosmetic kiosk with all your requirements.

Customize service includes the size customized, logo customized, color customized and so on.

For the makeup display showcase design, we will make it in 3D to see what it will look like.

The 3D design we will need 300USD design fee. But will deduce from the total amount when you order.

We will send the 3D design of the cosmetic store display cabinet to you for review, if need any changes we will change for you.




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