Simple Design Perfume Display Showcase Perfume Kiosk For Shopping Mall

Generally speaking, good things must have good things to bring out its value. We also know that the cost of making high-quality perfumes is very high. In France, perfume capital is even more expensive. What kind of demand do businesses have for perfume showcases? In Gusbo, perfume symbolizes identity and status. Now, perfume showcases can provide a good display platform for perfumes. In the process of making perfume and in the process of packaging, it is through and strict blending and design. The value of perfume must be well reflected in the production of perfume showcase so that consumers have the desire to buy. Through the use of materials in the perfume showcase and the combination of light. Finally, the combination of the color of the perfume itself will have a good refraction effect, which makes people inseparable from seeing it. If you are a perfume business, it is better to find Unique to make high-end perfume showcase.


How to start the 3D design of the perfume kiosk?

Firstly, please contact our sales team with your requirements. We will discuss the details of the perfume kiosk.

And then, we suggest to start the 3D design to show you what it will look like. For the design, we will charge 300USD design deposit but will return to you when order the perfume kiosk. So in fact it is for free.

Our designer will provide initial sketches & 3D visuals to ensure we match your needs.

If you want any changes, we will change as you like.

After confirming the final 3D design, we quote the costs and confirm all the details.

We will send the construction drawing to you for final confirmation.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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