Simple design macaron kiosk shopping mall retail food booth

Somebody likes to eat macaron and other sweet foods to make them feel happy. If you want to start a macaron business, how to start and what should you prepare? Here, we will guide you on how to start from a customized 3d macaron kiosk design and start this business from zero.

This is a simple design macaron kiosk shopping mall retail food booth. Let us have a look at this macaron kiosk design to have an idea first.



The front counter is the macaron display area and cashier area. You can display macaron inside the glass display showcase then the customer can see and choose. On the back side and on the wall you can see it has the menu and display shelf with the led strip light. The color of the led strip light is warm white color.

The staff can work inside and it has the storage cabinet. Although this is not a so big size also can for 2 or 3 staff to work inside. The material is plywood with laminate, you can choose any color you want. And the size we can customize it according to your location.

If you have the equipment list, for example, the fridge, the oven, the coffee machine and so on, please send it to us. We will leave the space and install the socket for you to connect them.


Professional design – Our design team can make a customized macaron kiosk design for you. We will use 3D MAX to make a new 3d macaron kiosk model for you.

Production team – We have our own factory to produce the kiosk and keep update the production with you at any time.

After-sales service – After you receive the macaron kiosk if has any problem with the installation we are glad to help you.




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