Are you going to open a coffee stand in the mall center? Coffee is one of the most popular drink in the world. Many people drink coffee and eat burgers for breakfast. If you are going to sell fast food and coffee, I am sure that you can earn money. Today, I am going to introduce a simple but usefull coffee stand to you. Hope it can help you better.

How to make a unique coffee stand

As for a new business, it’s very important to customized a coffee stand in the mall center. Because a unique coffee stand can help you provide service better and attracts peopole. First of all, you should rent a location in the mall center. And learn about mall rules carefully. Then build the coffee stand follow on the specifications.

  1. Tell us the size, color, layout of kiosk do you need. You should make full use of the space and start business.
  2. Design follow on the agreements. The first drawing need 2-3 business days.
  3. You should check the design carefully. If you find somewhere not good enough, we can help you modify in time.
  4. Confirm final design. You can receive the right kiosk when production follow on the confirmed design.

3D design picture show

The main material of the coffee stand is Plywood with solid wood finish. The counter top is white stone, which is easy to clean and stable to use. Other materials is mental frame with menu and posters. You an put machines both upon and under counter. Do you like this coffee stand decortion? Here are some pictures to show you the details. If you have any ideas to add to it, you are welcome to send us an inquiry.

coffee kiosk coffee booth

Our professional design team and high skilled workers can help you better. You are welcome to contact us and know further imformation. Thank you for reading.

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