Simple but attractive cosmetics store fixture to Helsinki

Opening a cosmetics store now is very promising. not only helps us stay attractive but also improves skin condition. With the development of medical beauty technology, more and more people choose beauty and other items. If you are about to start a cosmetics business, please do not miss this introduction.

Description of cosmetics store fixture

Solid wood decoration makes the cosmetics store unique and attractive. When we enter the cosmetics store, we can see there are glass cabinets on both sides. The bottom is locked cabinets and drawers for storage. The top ceiling has brand letters and logos, so consumers know you directly whenever they are. Glass shelves with light strip show products better. You can put best-selling and promotional items within the sight of your customers. So that they can quickly pick up and try them out to make purchases.

The right side has a display counter in front of the back wall, which increases the product display area and allows customers to experience the product. The center column has open shelves, you can put books, beauty magazines, and brochures here for decoration. Clients can also read them and learn more about your brand. The backside has a checkout counter with display shelves, like a small room.

  • Item name: Cosmetics store furniture
  • Size: 40 sqm, according to your shop size
  • Color: Wood color and white color or another color you require
  • Function: Display cosmetics and show brand culture
  • Design time: 5-7 working days
  • Design fee: 500-1000usd depends on store size
  • Production time: 30-35 business days
  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Solid wood, wood veneer, a white laminate, etc.
  • LOGO: Acrylic logo, 3D luminous logo, etc.
  • Other materials: Light lamp, stainless steel, tempered glass, etc.

3D designs show

From the 3D model, you can view all the details clearly. No matter what new ideas you have, we can even help you add to the design drawing. Our excellent designer comes up with new designs every day. What we want is to give you a perfect cosmetic store design and high-quality shop furniture. Let’s view the details clearly.

pharmacy wall stand

The slat wall display is set close to the glass display shelf, which allows the display of more products and items. The display table can also use to put cosmetics for convenient usage. Please notice the ceiling light, it’s very important for both brightness and decoration. Our designer can also help you choose suitable light and ceiling decoration.

pharmacy display cabinets medicine shop pharmacy fixture

How to make a cosmetics store fixture?

  1. Find a suitable shop to start a business. Especially to confirm decoration details with the landlords and government departments.
  2. Tell us all your requirement about cosmetics store fixtures. Such as shop size, color, layout, decoration idea, etc. We can add all these to the cosmetics store design and make it more reasonable and unique.
  3. Drawing 3D design. Our designer will sort out all the needs first and take a meeting for details. It needs about a week to finish as the store has more counters and furniture than kiosks.
  4. Confirm the final design. When you like the first design drawing, we can confirm it as the final design. However, if you want to make small changes, we can also help you modify them better soon.
  5. Make construction design drawing. Construction drawing includes the material, size, each counter, electronic plan, divided fixtures, and produce details of cosmetic fixture. It will give you 3 days. You can even submit them to the landlord and manager for approval.

How about the production process? We should follow the construction drawing and confirmed the 3D design model to build it. We will also take photos to show you all the steps, so you can see the production details clearly.

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