Shopping mall retail perfume kiosk high-end display booth design

Many people like perfume. The shopping mall has many display booths to sell perfume. If you want to start a business to sell perfume, you can make a perfume kiosk to start a small business first. This is a shopping mall retail perfume kiosk high-end display booth design. It is a beautiful and luxury design. Let us have a look.



This is a perfume kiosk design with dark green and gold color. For the size of the perfume kiosk, we can make it according to your need. You can check it with the shopping mall and get back to us. The size of this perfume kiosk is about 3x3m for your reference.

The display area of the perfume kiosk is the most important and we need to make it bright enough. So that the customer can see your products clearly. Meanwhile, the lights can make your perfume product look more attractive and stimulate the customer‘s desire to buy this product.


Our company can provide a customized perfume kiosk design to you. Please feel free to send us your requirements of what you want. We will make a new 3d model for your perfume kiosk design. Please send us the size and if you have a logo. This perfume kiosk we will make it to meet your needs and fit your business.


We will install a whole perfume kiosk in our factory. All the lights, logos, lighted boxes, posters, and so on we will install them in our factory. When you receive the perfume kiosk, you just need to connect them together to your local power supply then it will work. The kiosk flooring we can also provide it to you if you need it.

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