Shenzhen customize mall wood sunglass kiosk in retail

Nowadays, both students and office workers are under great pressure. They need more and more glasses and have higher requirements. The market prospect of glasses project is very promising. How to build a suitable wood sunglass kiosk?  We are a direct factory to customize furniture in Shenzhen city, China since 2002 years. We will provide design, produce, shipping, install………

Below are some methods about how to design a new sunglass kiosk  for you guys reference:

1.  Design a sunglass display cabinet from style, size,  material, color, glasses style and other aspects, while considering the environment, space color, position and so on.

2. The sunglasses display showcase is to show a variety of glasses lenses, frames, sunglasses and other accessories around. So it should show all of them in the correct position. Which clients can notice them in the kiosk.

3. The sunglass kiosk can display the same brand or a series of frames in booth space for customers to choose easily. They can get what they want faster.

4. Plus extra accessories to decorate kiosk, like add lights, to show the highlight display area.

Like above sunglass kiosk, the main material is plywood with laminate. At the same time, the countertop also as laminate. In the sunglasses display showcase, we suggest do the countertop as laminate or man-made stone. It will look more high-end and pretty.


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