Retail Photography Shop Souvenir Store Display Wall Cabinet for Sale

photo shop

In recent years, photo studios and photography shops become popular among people, especially couples and families. Because they want to document great moments. It’s a good idea to open a photography shop and sell souvenirs. I am sure that you will earn money.

Description of photography shop design

The photography shop includes wall cabinets, a display counter in the middle, and posters on the back wall. The main tone of the photography shop is black and wooden with red decoration. For the materials, we can use plywood to build the body of the cabinet, and the surface treatment is veneer and lamination. We can also use glossy baking paint to get a better effect.

photo store displayWall cabinets display

As we can see in the design, this shop has two styles of wall cabinets. Each style has a different display effect. There are small display shelves in red color. It has multiple layers and can use for main showcase items. Between two cabinets has 3 black open cabinets, each has 3 layers of adjustable shelving. And the bottom has wooden cabinets for storage.

Gondola counter

The gondola counter uses according to the shop size. This photography shop has one center display counter. It has 2 open layers, it opens at 4 sides so that poeple can select items conveniently. While under the counter also has cabinets or drawers used to store more items.

photto store furniture

Advertising posters

Advertising posters and business logos are very important for a retail shop. It is not only used for decoration but also expresses your professionalism to the clients. For most poeple, they enter your shop the first time. How do they remember you well? Advertising posters and TV layers help a lot.

You can also add a brand image wall in your store. That is a good way to earn loyal customers and contribute to a good reputation

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