Candy, colorful color, packaging bright appearance, sweet taste, it is attractive to people. How to open a colorful candy store, unique furniture can help you achieve.



From the first picture, we can see that the candy store has enough layout to put all kinds of candy display cabinets and stand. You can put different kinds of candy on it, and you can put toys to increase your profit. The color theme of the whole store is colorful, which looks attractive and modern. And easy to get popular with children and adults. The ceiling is also decorated with lights of different sizes, which not only enhance the brightness of the store but also beautify it.

Do you like the candy store design? We are directly custom shop furniture factory and have an excellent design team. We can make the same design for you, or we can create new ones based on your ideas. Make your design more and more popular.

Picture two and Picture three show the details of different display cabinets. We support the production of any shape,such as squares, arcs and trees shape, and other types you need. Meanwhile, we can design a reasonable display cabinet according to the size of your store, which can reasonably place in your ideal store.


Store environment style. It is advised that the design of the store should be warm colors, such as red and orange, so as to foil the warm atmosphere of the store and attract the sight of customers. Due to its candy products, store shelves to be neat and clean.

Display of goods. The purpose of the product display is to capture the eyes, hands, and hearts of consumers, display vivid, enhance the atmosphere of the store can also attract the attention of customers

window display showcase. To attract customers by displaying the latest monthly fashions candy or store special offers, the window display design should be bright and visual

In addition, store space selection should fully consider the actual level of local consumption. Busy business districts, universities, and movie theaters with high traffic are all good choices.


We are the customize candy store display showcase manufacturer with professional design team. We can make the whole store design for you based on your floor plan, and all the furniture can be displayed to you by 3D design. In this way, you can see the real store effect from the design.

The main material of the candy store furniture we use is MDF with baking paint, this material is is both durable and healthy. If you are willing to open a store, please welcome to contact us for more details about the candy store display cabinets design.


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