Practical burger bar customize food kiosk portable cart design

Welcome to the Unique Furniture website. The food kiosk business is becoming more and more in the shopping mall. You do not need to rent a shop, just a small space can for you to start a food business. So the first step is to make a food kiosk for you to start a business.

This is a practical burger bar customize food kiosk portable cart design we want to share with you. You can use it to make fast food and it has a display area for you to put some ready foods. Let us see what it looks like and its usage of it.



This is a food booth with wheels under it. So it is portable and you can move it anywhere you want to put it. On the front side is a bar counter for the customer to sit and a service counter. On the back is the water sink and on the countertop, you can put the machine.

The staff prepares the food inside. On the design of the burger food kiosk, we can put the logo and menu if you want. To add some lights is better and more attractive.



Our company can make a customized food kiosk design for you. You can send us the size of the space you will put the burger kiosk. And send us if you have the logo, menu, or any other things. Our design team will put them on the new 3d design and send it to you.

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