Popcorn Kiosk Fresh Juice Bar Booth Food & Beverage Stall For Mall

The catering industry has always been in an indispensable leading position in all industries. Because we have to eat every day to replenish our energy. So that we can have more energy to complete our work. As an old Chinese saying goes, “food is the heaven for the people” and eating is a blessing, so many entrepreneurs who have just started a business will choose the catering industry to start their first business. I think this is a good choice.

Please see the below 3D design for the Popcorn Kiosk Fresh Juice Bar Booth Food & Beverage Stall For Mall. This is a booth to sell several foods in the shopping mall. The size is about 5×2.5m, it can use to sell many foods, like popcorn, juice, bubble tea, waffles, crepes, coffee, and so on. This kiosk can for 3-5 staff to work inside. In the left side have one cashier counter, the customer will line up and order on here. And then the staff make the food. The entrance is on the right side, you can see a door.

On the front side, you can see 2 popcorn machines and 2 glass display showcase. These two glass display showcase we use stainless steel and 8mm tempered glass to make them. We can use them to display some foods, like cake, bread, donuts or any other food.

And then please follow with me for the back side. The back side counter has the 2 drinks display fridges to store and cool the drinks and other food ingredients.


There are all the information about this food kiosk. Please feel free to contact our company to customize a new food kiosk. Welcome to inquiry!




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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