Dear friend, are you looking for a retail clothing shop decoration? A unique design in a clothing shop can attracts people and high light your products. When you rent a shop and plan to sell clothing, it’s better to decoration on you own idea. In this case, people can figure you out and know your business better. Today, I want to share a customized clothing shop with you. You can decoration your shop similar like this design and add your own idea to make it better.

Introduction about the clothing shop

Usually, a clothing shop including display racks, wall cabinets, display shelves, etc. You can also leave room for try on the new dressers. Mirrors are important for a clothing shop, so that clients can see how the clothing suits them. Sofa and chairs is for people rest for a while. It’s a good idea to add stairs and display cabinets to showcase shoes. That can attracts more people and help you increase sales performance. Led ceiling light and spot light can make your shop unique, please use suitable lights to make your clothing stand out. Brand name and logo usually stand on the back wall along with posters.

3D design drawings

From the design drawing, we can see there are many mental display racks to place clothing. The shop size is about 60 sqm. The basic color is pink, the color should match to brand name and products you sell. Let’s view more details in the design picture.

clothing store fixture

More information:

Whenever you want to open a clothing shop, you can find a professional design team and manufacturer to help you build the shop furniture. High quality clothing shop furniture can serve for a long time and can leave good impression on people. Unique Furniture can help you better. In fact, we help many customers to open their own shops and kiosk in mall. Many of them build long-term business relationship with us. If you want to view more designs, please feel free to contact us.

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