High-end Perfume Stand Design For Delicate Woman And Man Supplier

nowadays more and more people pay more attention to goodlooking . they are keen on how to dress up themselves . generally they select the beautiful  dress ,shoes,  bags .  these accessories can make them look delicate. but i think one of the most element is Perfume. a delicate woman must have they own perfume. because perfume reflects a person’s taste and character.



Do you like perfume ?Do you  use perfume ? What the brand perfume you are using ? I think most of us know the many famous perfume brands . They are Chanel, CK, DIOR, Lancome,Gucci,Burberry ect. We are familiar with the many perfume slogan. I think we must have deep impression one sentence. that is a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.  It warn us perfume is necessity for a delicate man/woman  . Awoman using perfume, she must be elegant, mysterious, and delicate. Althought her hairstyle is beautiful, her makeup , her skirts  her shoes are all beautiful . but these are not as good as the faint fragrance she brings.  the perfume to a man, it stands for social communication and taste.we need perfume on many occation. the occation is  a romantic date, on important meeting, at nnniversary, press conference.


perfume stand perfume stand  

Decription of  perfume stand design

it is a classic fashion perfume stand design with Open all around side .people can notice  it at a glance sight when they are in the shopping mall.  then they be attracted to going to this perfume stand. The luxury golden color on the surface highlight the noble of the perfume. there are space between with perfume counters. so it can contains enougth shopper.This is convenient for shoppers to move around.

material information:

material: MDF/plywood

size/color : accorind to your acquirement. including: led light logo , the light acrylic logo.  


contact  information

Contact person: Eva

whatsapp:+86 13410688780


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