Pampers Retail Kiosk Diapers Showcase For Retail Brand Sale

Everyone used Diapers when we are children, and there are many brands of Diapers. But we more listen to is Pampers, which is a many years brand and have good reputation all over the world. Now, let us look at Pampers trade show and showcase the mall.

The Pampers counter’s design style

We use MDF as counter material. And every counter has a special shape and has a baby and mother poster on it. People can affect by vivid pictures. In the middle counter, we can see the round shape and moon shape counter. Because this product is usually used for the night. In addition, it has two different color moon counters. One is yellow, the other is white. It is so funny that the yellow counter hangs on some animal toys to attract children’s attention. It also matches the product’s feature- used for children.

Pampers kiosk

Detailed production of the Pampers kiosk

Pampers kiosk

We can see the advertising board, which has figures, letters, and product production. Its advertisement is premium care. That is just better suited for the brand and matches its reputation. In the floor area, we use plywood with green color baking paint to decorate.

Pampers kiosk

About the order process

  • First: If you like this kiosk, you need to contact us first, and then tell us your more requirements.
  • Second: Because we are a customized factory, we need your needs to include logo, size, style, and shape…The price depends on your final design. We match the design changes you need so as to meet your needs completely.
  • Third: after we confirm the design, you need to pay 50% money, then we arrange the production. Its time cost22-25 working days
  • Fourth:shipping: before shipping, you need to pay the balance, the shipping time is about 25-30 working days
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