Good day! My friends. I am glad you could come to our website. I  hope you can find your favorite products here. You can know what content of this article when you see the title. As we all know, when we go to the pharmacy, most furniture we can see is the medicine wooden rack and shelf. Because there are many kinds of medicines. We need some rack or wall shelf to put the medicines. They are also easy to sort. So if you want to open the pharmacy, you can design it first. When you have a shop, you will measure its size. We can according to the shop size or floor plan to design some display rack or cabinet in it. So we can see what the furniture looks like when we put it in. We can custom furniture size and shape. Make anything you like. Let’s look at the example below.


This is the shop in the shopping mall. We can according to its shape to design the furniture. Because some stores are not regular in shape, they may be a little curved. So we cannot buy ready-made furniture, it may not meet your store’s requirements. Then we must make a detailed design for the store. We can design the medicine wooden rack or shelf, it also can be a metal rack. In the design, you can choose the style and color you like. Because you can modify the design. After you are satisfied, we can produce the furniture according to the design drawing. Then there is nothing wrong with the thing that comes out of this.

Many people make the design after they have a shop, so there is have more choices. Our company has been around for 10 years and has designed countless stores. Pharmacy basically is to show what color and shape of the medicine wooden rack have, custom things have more flexibility. So if you also want to design your store, you can contact us, we have our designers and factory. You can meet all your requirements here.

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