Oval Fast Food Kiosk Coffee Kiosk in Black Color for Sale

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Are you looking for coffee kiosk in the mall? Coffee become popular among peoplel because of it’s unique smell and taste. If you plan to open a coffee shop in the mall, don’t miss this coffee kiosk design. I can share it with you.

Description of coffee kiosk

As we can see in the design, this coffee kiosk is in black color wiith white line decoration. Looks very high end. Two side are curved C shape, that increase the display showcase area and you can place more goods for sale

fast food kioskSize details

This coffee kiosk size is 5m by 2m. We can make it according to your location size.


No matter where you find a location, don’t hesitate to rent it to start business. This coffee kiosk is outside of mall with shelter, everyone go to the mall can see your business. That can help you gain more potentional customers.

food kioskMaterial information

The main material is MDF with high gloosy baking paint. Other materials tempered glass, metal kicking protection, acrylic logo, hardware, etc.

Layout details

We can see there are two glass displays in the front side, clients can purchase goods well. Cashier counter set next to it for checking out. While there are 3 layers on both curved side counter, it’s a good place to show coffee beans. Behind can add lock cabinets for storage.

While the back side mainly use as workcounter. There is water sink in the middle for wash hands, a business logo stand sprate it from clients. Near it is coffee machine space, we can also leave space for other necessary equipments.

No matter when you need coffee kiosk, we can help you customize it. Just contact us and learn more details together.

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