Outdoor unique style stainless steel coffee cart kiosk

Resently some customers ask me about our furniture do you have any cart used in stainless steel.

Yes of course our factory custom furniture based on customer material request .nomally for material which we use like

Mdf , lanimate ,solid wood, aluminium-plastic panel,man made stone and so on .

Well for stainless steel normaly we do not use the main material as that customers request .

As we all know it is much more expensive than other materiasl

but the main advantages of stainless steel are  high temperature resistance, general acid resistant medium, heat resistant, At the same time it is also high temperature resistant ,stainless steel resistant to high temperature oxidation

Here share one of our newest stainless steel coffee cart kiosk for you :

As you can see this design is very unique , the whole size around 1500*600*2200mm .And there’s extension on both sides

The mostest point if for its top, which it can be folded. when you open your business you can open it .

And at the night when you back you can close its top .the cart fron it is a big commercial poster it show what food you sell and its price at the same time. under the counter which have encoug strage room . and under the cart which our workers

Also help you install the whells for your cart you can change your business place what you wanted .

For this design it looks really very high end quality and classic and practical. if you want to small business in outdoor

But enough momeny we advice you do this cart with stainless steel.

Shenzhen Unique Custom Furniture factory is the first one manufacturer to make food shop furniture .

If you want to or plan to set up your own shop pls feel free to contact us .




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