Optical store display professional eyewear shop interior design

Many people who have an idea want to open an optical shop but don’t know how to make the shop design. If you find out us – Unique Furniture Ltd, you are the lucky one. Our company is a professional store display furniture manufacturer. Meanwhile, we can help you to make a whole optical shop design. Now let us show you some of the ideas for the eyewear shop. Hope it can help you to have some ideas.



When our designers receive an optical store design, the first thing need to do is to locate the level of the store or counter display case and the required quality. Such as high-end, boutique, mid-range or ordinary stores. In style, it should also be positioned as modern simplicity, fashion style.

Then in the following design, our designer will base on this idea as the mainline to expand the design. And then consider the choice of what kind of combination of modeling elements, what material, choose what color collocation.


The decoration design of this optical shop uses wood color and white color to match. The light gray wall is in obvious contrast to the wood grain color of the ground. At the same time, the design of the store adopts wooden glasses display cases. So that the decoration and store display furniture of the shop is well integrated, not obtrusive but full of artistic atmosphere.


For the layout of this optical shop, mainly for display. Also, include the pickup area, cashier area, reception area and optometry area. It has some small sofa for the customer sit and have rest. Please feel free to discuss the shop layout with our sales team, we can make the layout according to your need.

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