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The huge market and high profits make the eyewear industry a project that every entrepreneur cannot ignore. Although we see most often less people in the optical store , it is not as crowded as the clothing store and the restaurant store. But   the profits of optical shops are relatively high, and small sales can also guarantee high profits.  Clothing stores often look good business,But most of them are hanging out in the shop. The real volume of transaction is not high. What’s more, they are influence by the Online shop.On the contrary, the optical shop is less affected by the Internet. and people will not go  to the optical shop if they don’t need to buy the glasses.  That is the reason why the optical shop less people but profit high. So it ’s relatively easy to running the optical shop.  

here is the optical shop design for your reference

the optical shop size is about  100 square meters. the shop is like a large auditorium with many small light on the ceiling. it meets the enough lighting needs for eyewear. so the shopper can view it clearly  from diffenent angles. there have different kinds of  glasses areas like contact lenses, sunglasses, myopia glasses,optical decorative glasses. display showcase for  contact lenses is  on the farrest right side against the wall. Then 3 Oval display tables is for myopia glasses beside contact lenses display. A semicircular casher  counter and sunglasses showcase  is in the middle column. On the left side againse the wall ,there are display shelves for optical decorative glasses. There even an display showcase area for international fashion eyewear.   optical shop design optical shop design optical shop design   do you like this optical shop design? if you like it, please don’t hesitate to conatct us. we surely make an satisfactory one for you.    

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