It is the open-ended eyebrow bar kiosk in the shopping center. We designed it in the 2018years. We designed it according to the customer’s favorite style. Actually, it is very similar to the original eyebrow bar. We just modified a bit of part in the former kiosk.

Some customers want to get the salon kiosk same as the original one, maybe just change the LOGO, posters in the light boxes. The color and style keep the same as before. I like this, we will finish the initial design so quickly.  However, most customers would like to get the kiosk to combine with all of their own requirements and ideas in it— It will be an innovative kiosk. As for it, it takes about three working days to finish the initial design. The designer will spend more time on it —-to make it fancier.

Behind all the working stations are the wallpaper, Also, if you check the above design carefully, you can see the mirrors and lamps hang on wallpaper directly. Also, there is the LED strip on the back of the mirror.

There is a bench in the next to the wooden wall. It is the best position to locate the bench in this kiosk. We only reserve two rows of drawers under the working stations. The best parts are empty so that customers can stretch the legs.

Besides, the mall doesn’t provide water, we add the water system in it–to make it convenient during working.

If any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you

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