Newest style western food kiosk pizza stall in the shopping mall

Pizza is a kind of popular western food. Not only popular the overseas but also very welcome in China. We can see many food kiosks in the shopping mall and the restaurants in the street. You know people cannot live without food so anyway, a food business is a good one to start.

Here is the newest style western food kiosk pizza stall in the shopping mall design to share with you. We hope you can like this pizza kiosk design.



This is a mall food kiosk the size of about 3 x 3m. And the size of the pizza kiosk we can make it according to your need. Please check with the shopping mall to ask about your location size and let us know.

The pizza kiosk has a top with a lighted 3d logo. On the front side are the cash register and the equipment machine. On the left side is a bar area for the customer to sit and have food. The back side has the menu posters and a small water sink. You can put the equipment machine on the countertop to make food.



The first step we need to make a customized 3d pizza kiosk design. But we have many customers asking how to start it and why need to make it. The reason is every customer has a different logo, a different location.

You can choose your favorite design but anyway, this is not exactly what you need. Our designer will make a customized 3d design for the pizza kiosk with the size and the logo you want.

We need to make this customized 3d food kiosk design to fit your need then you can send it to the mall for approval.


Below is a detailed view 3d design of the pizza kiosk:

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