New style candy shop display stand retail store furniture design

As a fashion store, most of its customers are parents of children and girls. Therefore, the decoration of the candy store must be warm and have lovely colors and have its own design style. It can be supplemented with changeable personality display cases to display candy, drawing cute. And interesting hand painting or cartoon on the wall, etc. To increase the casual and fashionable atmosphere of the candy store.  

Designers mainly use pink to attract customers’ attention and attract more potential customers into the store. Second, the guests of the dessert shop are mostly students and children. The sweet and happy trend has become a popular trend in the candy shop and is deeply loved by everyone.  



This candy shop has many display stands and display racks. It has a display rack on the wall and different shapes of the display stand. And on the wall can put the lighted logo and on the ceiling can put some lights. For the candy shop, we can use many colors to make the candy display furniture look colorful and attractive.



The storefront of the candy shop is also very important. You can add the logo or brand name on it. We need to make the candy shop storefront eye-catching. Let the customers instantly recognize that your store sells candy. It’s best to make the logo as large as possible.



Our design team can make a customize 3d candy shop design for you. Please send us the floor plan or shop size, we will make a new shop model with your size. You can choose your favorite showcase or cabinet on our website then we put them on the 3d design to see how they fit in the candy shop.

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