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Hello friend, thank you for visiting our website. Are you looking for customized jewelry booth stand? Are you plan to open a jewelry store in the shopping mall? Before starting a jewelry shop, we should choose the most suitable kiosk to start. Here are some tips we should keep in mind. Let’s view more together.

Why should we open a jewelry shop in the mall?

As we all know people used to shopping in the mall central, because they can have more choices. Besides, the mall will conduct a rigorous review of every merchant and brand that settles in. Only merchants that meet the requirements can open stores in the mall. For customers, shopping in the mall is more secure.

As for starters, open a jewelry display stand can save money. Because the rent is relatively cheap and does not require renovation fees. Only an area at 3m×2m size and a suitable jewelry kiosk is enough to get started. So when we open a jewelry shop in the mall, we can receive more loyal customers and earn a profit.

How to open a jewelry booth stand in the mall?

  1. Rent a location in the mall center. We should open our jewelry shop in the first floor and sign off with the mall manager. Which will help customers find us well.
  2. Confirm the layout, decoration of the jewelry booth stand. It’s better to find somewhere make a unique design to show us the effort, so that we can see all the details clearly and can arrange the space in advance
  3. Modify the jewelry kiosk more better. Whenever we find is not good enough, we have to adjust it.
  4. Production the customized kiosk follow on the design. We should find a manufacturer to help you build the kiosk with high quality.
  5. Here is a customized jewelry kiosk with wooden grain decoration may suits for your business.

jewelry display stand

Shenzhen Unique Kiosk can help you do both design and production. If you have any needs, please contact us soon.

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