New designed sweet dessert display booth gelato display kiosk for sale

Do you love dessert?Many people like to eat sweet dessert to buffer their moods when they are in a bad mood, especially girls. When they are in a bad mood, they like to eat chocolates, cakes and the like, but why do people like to eat sweets when they are in a bad mood? ? Because high-sugar foods such as desserts, ice cream, and chocolate will quickly enter the bloodstream, meet the brain’s energy needs, and eliminate brain fatigue and discomfort. And sweet dessert taste very yummy.

So many people like eat sweet desserts. Now more and more people prefer sell dessert. Rather than open a shop many people prefer to do a sweet dessert display booth in mall. The rent is small just need little space, and cost is low, can get profit very quickly.

Sweet dessert display booth

This kiosk size is 5m by 3m, you can see it is very nice. It mainly used rose red color match white, added nice led lights, seems very beautiful. It mainly sell drinks,desserts, cupcakes,ice cream etc. The left side have a bar counter with 5 chairs,customer can sit there wait and enjoy food and drinks. Then I want to introduce you the materials used in this kiosk. The basic materials used is fire-proof plywood, the countertop used is white manmade stone,the front and left outside used is rose red laminate,Inside cabinets used is wood laminate. The materials we use are healthy and safe, and meet the requirements of shopping malls. This kind design make the whole kiosk looks very nice and high-end.


This kiosk include 2 sinks,illuminated logos,chairs,led signs,menu.

We have a professional design team that can design according to your requirements. If you want to add some machines, you can list the equipment and tell us the size, we can add them in the design and show you.


We have three time periods, design time-production time-delivery time. Usually our design time is two working days. We will design based on your size and requirements. This is allowed to be modified. When you confirm the final design, you can send it to the mall for review. The mall review and modify the design cost about 1- 2 completed in two weeks. The production time is 18-22 working days, we are completely hand-made to ensure quality. The delivery time is usually one month by sea. You can tell me which port is closest to you, and we will check the time and freight for you.

Do you like this sweet dessert display booth?if you also want to open a dessert kiosk or other kind kiosk, we can help! Unique display limited is a company specialize in making different kinds of mall kiosks, we do customize, have professional design team,can help you create design and make the kiosk as your needs! Feel free to contact us.




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