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As we all know, beauty is one of the most popular industries right now. It can change people’s mental outlook, and make us look more energetic. People often choose to change their eyebrows to make them look more beautiful. Others get eyelash extensions to make their eye bigger. In this age of looking at faces, people not only pursue freedom but also beauty, especially for women. When we go shopping, we often see many beauty stations in the mall. They can offer a lot of beauty services and this is a popular place for women. Today I’d like to introduce this eyelashes extension kiosk. Let’s look at the pictures.

Multifunctional Nail Kiosk

The main material of nail kiosk is plywood. The surface is laminate. There are three manicures and three pedicures on the table. The entire kiosk also includes glass showcase to display products to customers. There is also a cash register inside. On the top of the cabinet are included logo, light box, light strip and other accessories, these accessories give kiosk even more advantages.


This eyelashes extension kiosk size is 6.5 x 3.8 m, we can see its service items include lash, nails, and face. These type kiosk usually display their services outside so that customers know what you do. And they can get the service they want. This kiosk has 3 manicure locations and 3 privacy locations. The middle is a little cashier counter. Inside has a rest area.  Kiosk outside is the light logo, box posters, and glass nail polish display.

The layout and color matching of this kiosk is designed according to the requirements of our clients. They sign contracts at the mall and get a place where they can sell their products or offer their services. In this way, they need a kiosk to assist them in their work. And then they came to us because we were the ones who were providing the kiosks.


Production Process

The production include 4 steps. Before we  start to produce the kiosk, we need to confirm the 3d design and construction drawings firstly. We need to do the wooden box firstly, the wooden box is first step for the kiosk. The wooden box is assemble into wood board. The wood board must be measured according to the construction drawings. During the step, we will reserve the suitable place for the light box, logo, sockets and so on.

After these, we need to polish the wooden box and make the surface more smooth. The step will make kiosk more elegant and unique. Next step is to make baking paint. The baking paint will make the whole kiosk more elegant. The Step include 4 primers and 3 baking paint. Each step will stand 24 hours to do it.

Final step is to install the accessories like the logo, sockets, light box, baseboard, drawers, cabinet doors and so on.

When you receive the kiosk, you can put the each part together, then just connect the wire together.  The kiosk can work successfully. 


We are a custom company, we can design and customize the kiosk according to our customer’s requirements. If you are interested to make a kiosk, you can tell me what kind of kiosk and size you need.

If you have your favorite kiosk’s picture or have own ideas for the kiosk, you can send me. We can combine your requirements to design a similar kiosk. When finish the design, you can send it to the mall for approval. After approval, we will start production. The kiosk price is based on the final design, so we need to make the design first. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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