Convenience stores are everywhere around us. They sell a variety of small snacks. When we are hungry, we can sell instant noodles and let the staff make them for us. Some people on night shifts also go to the convenience store to eat in the early morning. It is also very convenient for our lives. Most of them are sold in convenience stores, and we can buy a lot of bulk snacks here. Due to the large variety and quantity of products, we need some display stands to display them. What I want to introduce to you today is a very beautiful convenience store. We can see the layout and furniture styles inside.

Convenience Store Details

We can see that this convenience store is divided into two parts, one is the product retail area, and the other is the leisure or dining area. After our customers have bought the products, they can enjoy them in the seating area. Our two cash registers are located at the dividing line of the two areas so that customers can go directly to the seating area after buying.

We use wooden furniture when designing. The quality, texture, and visual effects of wooden furniture are relatively good. Many customers like wooden display cabinets. We designed a row near the wall, as well as in the middle and glass windows so that a lot of space can be effectively used. Customers can also see our products outside.

The design of the seating area is similar to that of a milk tea shop. There are two styles of tables and chairs. We also designed some shelf decorations on the wall, where you can put some small plants or some books.

Convenience Store Design

If you have a new store, but you don’t know how to make good use of the space inside or arrange the layout. I think we can make a design first. The furniture purchased in this way can also fully fit the size of our store.

We have our own designers. They will design the furniture and dimensions according to the floor plan of our store. If you have your own ideas, you can tell us. We design according to your requirements. It has a simulation effect, we can see the display effect and layout of our store before buying furniture, which is very helpful for us to decorate the store and buy furniture.

So if you want to start a shop, we can start with the design.

Store Furniture Making

When we finish the design, we can know what furniture we have and their quantity. We are a shop furniture manufacturer, we can produce according to the furniture in the design drawing. You can get the same furniture as the design drawing.

The furniture materials are plywood and laminate. Laminate is a surface finish, it has many choices of colors and patterns. Before we produce, I will show you this option, and you can choose the color you like. We can provide the display furniture, cash counter, tables, chairs, wall stand, and logo. You can get everything here. It is very convenient for you.

Our workers have very rich work experience, and we also pay great attention to the details of the products and customer experience, so I believe you can get some products that satisfy you here.

How to start the design?

Our design requires you to provide a floor plan and your ideas if you need the color and style of the seating area or furniture. If you have a logo, you can send it to us and we will add it to the design. The design fee depends on the size of the store and the content of the design. Generally, it is 500-800USD.

What is the design time?

The design time is 2-4 working days when we receive the design fee.

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