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As we all know, coffee is a common drink in our life. Many people will have a cup of coffee at the end of their lunch break when they stay up late. Most of people like to drink coffee. When you feel tired, you must want to have coffee to refresh. To drink coffee properly, which not only can eliminate fatigue, but also has some benifits to people. Now there are many people around us who like to drink coffee very much, especially some young friends. When chatting, peopel often go to the coffee shop to sit.
Let’s take a look at the street, there can be no teahouses but there must be coffee shops. Why do people now like to drink coffee so much? Let’s not say that drinking coffee is good or not, at least for people who know how to taste is a kind of emotional sustenance, this point coffee and tea play the same role. It is a good business if you have a coffee shop or booth. Next I will introduce one coffee kiosk for you.

The description of the coffee kiosk

This is a square coffee kiosk. The size of the kiosk is 10*10ft. The main color is white and brown. What size and color you need The description of the coffee kioskis ok. Let’s look at the left side, there is one tempered glass showcase to display the food. There are some tools and food next the showcase. At the corner, there is a cash register. Customers can order the coffee and fast food on this side. There are some posters of the food pictures to show to people. Then customers will be attracted by the beautiful pictures. You can also put some menu and other information you want to express to people. Also a logo sign below the cash register, people can see it directly. Besides, there are many signs on the top frame. People can see it from all direction. It is a good display. Take a view on the right side, there are several desks for people to sit and enjoy the food. When people sit here, they think the food is not enough for them, they will order more from you. And some lights as decoration and shine the countertop on customers’ side. There are cabinets for storaging the food material, tools. And some space for the refrigerator and oven. There are a big poster of the coffee on the back, which can let people know.

The description of the coffee kiosk

Design of the kiosk

If you want to open a coffee kiosk in the mall or outdoor, please contact us. Let’s talk about the size, color, and style, equipment of the kiosk. The design fee is $300, after you place the order from us, we will return the design fee to you. So it is free design for you exactly. Our designer will make a 3D design for you base on your any needs. If you want some changes or add some ideas to the design, we will arrange the modification for you. Then you can use the design to get the approval from the mall or relevant department. When the details are confirmed, we will offer you the quotation again. Then if it is ok for you, we can produce the kiosk for you. About the production time is about 20-25 working days. The kiosk will be packed well to ship to your country.


Our factory is specializing in producing any kind furniture with many years experience. We have a professioanl design team, which can offer you unique style for you. If you are interested in the kiosk, please contact us, we are willing to help you.

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