Modern Shoe Store Design Wooden Display Cabinet For Sale

Do you want to open a shoe store or shoe kiosk in the shopping mall? Shoes, everyone has a lot of shoes. And they need to buy every year, so opening a shoe store is still very marketable. If you want to stand out among a bunch of shoe stores, the decoration of the shoe store is very important. And the overall matching effect should be harmonious and unified, making people feel comfortable.

How to decorate a high-end shoe store display furniture?

1. It is necessary to design an eye-catching door. Because this is also a prerequisite for attracting customers to enter the store. The decoration of the door must be consistent with the grade of the products sold.   

2. The ceiling design of the store should make it as simple as possible, and a combination of several frames can be used.   

3. The decoration of a small shoe store does not require excessive luxury. But the main consideration is the cleanliness of the store, to bring customers a comfortable feeling, and to update the style of shoes in time.   

4. The interior decoration of the shoe store must pay attention to the placement of the shelves. And the cleanliness of the store is very important. The decoration of specialty stores is usually designed according to the drawings provided by the manufacturer, which generally gives people a very high-grade feeling.

The design of the shoe shop display cabinet:

The above 3d design of this shoe store is really simple but very beautiful. You can see the color scheme is white and grey. And the Led strip light is warm lights. The main material is MDF with baking paint, grey color baking paint and white color baking paint. The glass we will use 8mm tempered glass which is very strong and clear.
We can also add your logo on it then the customer can know what brand you are and they can find you easily. For the color, if you don’t want this grey color or white color. We can customize it with any other color as you want. So please don’t worry. Everything can do customize and the design is only design for you.

How much for a shoe shop will cost?

In the prosperous areas of first-tier cities, store rents are very expensive, about 10,000$ per month. The monthly rent for a place where the geographical location is slightly less than four or five thousand. And it also depends on the grade of the shoes you sell and the target group. If the funds are limited, you can rent a small shop of 20 square meters, and the monthly rent is less than 5,000$. In addition, there are house decoration fees and purchase fees.

The cost of decoration depends on the grade of shoes and the crowd. If the grade of shoes is high, the store needs to be decorated more luxuriously, and the cost of the store decoration will be quite high, about 25,000$. If it is a popular grade, the decoration is relatively simple, and the decoration cost is not much, about 10,000$. For the purchase fee, the first purchase will cost about 10,000$. In short, if you want to open a shoe store, you must at least account for these costs.

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We do customize shop display furniture design and manufacturer. Anything you want we can help you to do it. You just need to send the floor plan of your shop to us. And if you have any idea, you can tell us and then we will discuss it with our design team. Please feel free to contact us at email for more details.  Thanks for reading.

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