Modern optical shop display fixture sunglasses display racks

In China, one in three people wears glasses on average. The myopia rate of primary school students is 30%, and that of middle school students is as high as 80%. In addition to myopia, sunglasses, contact lenses, elderly glasses, and eye care tools are permeating our lives. You can feel it by seeing friends around you. This is such a huge industry. The industry predicts that by 2020 The scale of China’s eyewear industry will reach 85 billion yuan.Because personal glasses need to measure myopic power, interpupillary distance, face shape and other data,so the retail optical shop is hard to be replaced by online shops. The good profit and market caused more and more optical shops opened. The optical shop display fixture needs also becomes bigger and bigger.

Here today i want to share you a nice optical shop display furniture design:

Let’s see the optical shop display fixture together.This shop used ware wood color matched dark blue mainly.Whole shop looks very nice and comfortable.when you enter this sunglasses shop, you will found left are sunglsses display racks, right side are wood shelves for glasses.Middle is a long table, customers and stuff will sit here chat, customers can sit here rest. Then back is cash counter, behind of the cash counter also have some shelves,they are used to put bags and boxes.

Some basic info for your ref

1.size:5m by 8m
2.color:warm wood,white and dark blue
3.materials:solid wood, wood venner,glass shelves
4.production time:20-22 work days

shenzhen unique display limited is a company specialize in designing and making customized mall kiosks and shop furnitures,we were was founded at 2008. Here we have 2 strong design team and factory, can help create what you want.

If you have any needs or want to get more details, just feel free contact us.


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