When you walked into the shopping mall. You will see many different kinds of display counter and fixtures. It including cosmetic display cabinet, phone display counter, jewelry display showcase. Clothes display rack and reception counter. I think the most popular will is clothes display fixtures. his use is a very wide range.  It can for selling Men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear and more. Has a very broad customer base.

In this article what I wanna share is a very modern men’s clothes shop design with retail display fixtures for sale.

clothes shop

Clothing Kiosk

The kiosk use MDF as their main material, and the surface we use MDF as a main material. The kiosk includes many square frame design styles.  The structure will make the whole kiosk more attractive and unique. A unique kiosk, need to have a wonderful and unique appearance. A good unique kiosk will attract more attentions from customer, then you will obtain more profit from customer.

More introduce about this clothes shop: 

  • Size: 6000X8000mm.
  • Color: white, black or others. 
  • Material: MDF.
  • Service: Men’s suit.
  • Accessories: light-box, acrylic logo.
  • Design: 3d max and CAD drawings.
  • Delivery: 20-22 workdays.
  • Package: foam inside +wooden box outside.

Layout for the Kiosk

You can see the whole clothes shop mainly tone is black and white, match the white color floor, it’s very high-end and modern. This is a small store in the shopping center, you can find the shop three sides are the opening area. At the left sides is a big poster showing. Match some wooden box display, can put some decoration product or boutique. On the front part is opening, on the corner is a suit model, it can give customers a good reference. On the right side are some wooden display shelves and a small reception counter. 

At the back side is an image wall. Match little display shelves. In the middle of the shop are some table and sofa which are mainly for the waiting area. I have to say it will give the guests a good experience, very comfortable.

clothes shop

Production Process

Each product has its own production steps. The production of each step is very important for the product. This kiosk is divided into four parts for production. The first step is to make a wooden cabinet. Before making wooden cabinets, we need to prepare materials, cutting materials and other processes. Finally, the wooden boards are formed into a wooden cabinet. We will also install wires on the wooden cabinet. At the same time, we will keep the logo, light strip and socket location.

The second step is to polish the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet made of MDF and baking varnish needs to be polished. Only when the wooden cabinet is polished smooth enough can a good finished product appear.


The third step requires coloring and baking. Before baking, 4 top coats are required. The paint can only be carried out after the top coat. The paint is divided into three parts, which are gray paint, black paint and white paint. After each step of the paint, it needs to stand for 24 hours to dry. So you can proceed to the next step.
The last step is to install sockets, logos, light boxes and other accessories.

Some production photos

We all know that a good design will have the perfect finished products. When we produce, we will produce the kiosk according to the 3d design and construction drawings strictly. So if you want to get new clothing kiosk, we will help you customize it and produce it.

Thanks for your time and reading, unique display is a direct manufacturer. We mainly work on the design and customized different types of clothes shop, clothing kiosk, clothes display fixtures. If you’re interested to start your own clothes shop business, welcome inquiry.

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