Modern Medicine Shop Furniture Custom Pharmacy Store Interior Design

In 2020, due to the COVID-19, sales in pharmacies have soared. At the beginning of the COVID-19, a large number of people went to the drugstore to buy anti-epidemic supplies such as masks and disinfectant. This leads to a shortage of goods in pharmacies. So we think this is a good time to start a pharmacy business. Because the shelf life of medicines generally lasts for several years, although medicines are not something that many people buy every day, they are indeed indispensable to people.

How to start a pharmacy shop?

If you are the first time to start the medicine business, you have to prepare many things. At first, you need to calculate the budget please. For the shop location, rent, your brand logo, inside layout, supply channels and so on.

You need to find a designer to make the 3D design, floor plan and drawings for you. If you find us, you are lucky. Because our factory not only own a strong designer team, but also we have our own factory. We can help you from design to delivery.

For the pharmacy store design, we will charge 500$ design deposit. But this is just a small part of total cost. We will deduce from the total cost when you order the pharmacy shop furniture. So yes, in fact, it is for free.

We will make the design according to your idea, logo, layout and other requirements. Are you worry about the shipping as you are so far from us? Don’t worry, because we can ship the medicine store display furniture to you by sea. Our package is very strong and safety, so don’t worry it will damage during the shipping.




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