Modern famous brand watch shop high-end wall display cabinet

With the improvement of the quality of people’s living standards, watches have gradually become one of the daily wear ornaments. The demand for watches has shifted from practicality to identity and temperament. However, starting a watch shop business is not as easy as we think. The shop design is the first thing to attract the customer and also our top priority to start a watch shop business.

This is a modern famous brand watch shop high-end wall display cabinet. Please read this article for you to get some ideas about the watch shop design.



Watch shop decoration can choose floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which can make the whole area more open vision. And give pedestrians more visual beauty, and enhance the interest of customers into the store. At the same time, transparent glass doors and windows can let pedestrians clearly see the products you are selling, attracting them to buy goods in the store.

Generally speaking, watch products are basically placed in the display case. The display of the display cabinet is very important. We need to make the watch store display showcase can display the products clearly.

Usually, we will use the wood material MDF to make the showcase body. And tempered glass with the led strip light. The lighting effect of the watch store display showcase is important. 


Except for the display area of the watch store, we can make some seating areas for the customer. In the seating area we can put some chairs for the customer to sit and try the watch. And some sofa for the customer to relax and wait, better to prepare a coffee counter or magazine area.

The advertising is the same important as the display area. So we can put the posters, on the glass door we can put the advertising TV to promote your brand and company story.

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