As a representative of a luxury display, Sunglass kiosk designs are quite different from a jewelry kiosk concept. Most of the jewelry kiosk is designed in a closed station with a circle of showcases & cabinets. However, sunglass display has more options. Some of them will be built like a square shop with sales staff working inside.  Others are in an open way design. Customers can go inside the kiosk and pick their favorite sunglasses. Here, I m going to share you a very nice and unique sunglass kiosk design. Yes, an open way kiosk design.

How to start a sunglass kiosk business in mall ?

The main kiosk is in natural wood texture veneer finish with glossy fashion sets figure off. The irregular arrangement display cabinet with charming design make the kiosk outstanding.  Whether you view the kiosk at any point, It just perfect and elegant.  To start a sunglass retail business in mall, the design always the first step. When you finished a unique modern kiosk design, you have finished the half work.

The size of the sunglasses kiosk: 12*10ft square shape

The price for this kiosk: $8800 USD

If you need a customized size or you got a different size lease in mall. Don’t worry, our designer can adapt the kiosk design into your size and requirement.

So, How to set up a mall kiosk ? How much to start a retail kiosk business? Basically, the cost of starting a mall kiosk business is mainly in 3 parts.

  • Kiosk rental price.
  • The cost to design and manufacture a mall kiosk
  • Products inventory and ads.

The different shopping mall will have a different rental cost. If you going to higher standards shopping mall, like Westfield, GGP, or Simons. You will need to pay more cost than the medium level. Insurance and other cost are also higher.  To make a mall retail kiosk business plan, you need also take kiosk legal license registration into consideration too.

The cost to design and build a sunglass retail kiosk is varied form different counties. The best ideas are to get a lower cost from a developing country and delivery back to install, this way will help you save a lot of money. Especially for the business new starter who is limited to a budget.

Another thing need take into the budget is the inventory, How many products you need to stock, how much the predicted sale volumes, Those must be as detail as possible.  This not only matters the investment amount but also affect your future business management.

Unique Kiosk is such a mall retail kiosk manufacturer, We offer high-quality kiosk with a lower price. If you need a customized kiosk design service. Welcome to send us your requirement form here left part. Just need to enter your ideas, we will help you finish a high-quality outstanding business kiosk.

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