When you will walk into the shopping center, you will saw many different types of the cosmetic shop on the ground floor. if you plan to start your own cosmetic store, it’s very necessary to see more details here.

At below the one I plan to introduce is a very modern cosmetic kiosk. It’s very fashionable and high end. 

Cosmetic Kiosk for Sale

The cosmetic kiosk is made into plywood, surface we use the plywood. The unique kiosk will include the logo, light strip and the light box. The layout of the kiosk we make according to the customers’ needs. A wonderful kiosk is not only a beautiful appearance, but also a reasonable layout for customer’s needs.

Kiosk Layout

As you see the whole cosmetic kiosk mainly tone is brown wood grain, matching some black metal frame. It is mainly for selling cosmetic and skin care product. You can notice the whole kiosk four sides with many wooden display shelves. Guest can direct go to inside to choose. Four sides with some short decoration wall and light-box, guest also can see it from outside.  

cosmetic kiosk

Let’s see the kiosk inside, four sides are metal frame and wood plate for display, the bottom is some drawers for storage, in the middle is some display stand and a small cashier counter. 

At the top part is a big proof decoration, four sides with luminescence acrylic logo and spotlight decoration, you can see the store inside also with a small roof. You can install some cameras here.

Basic information about this cosmetic kiosk:

cosmetic kiosk

  • Size: 6000X4000mm or customized.
  • Color:  brown wood grain.
  • Material: plywood, fireproof plate. metal.
  • Service: cosmetic, skin care product.
  •   Accessories: led light strip, acrylic logo, light box.


Production Process

Wooden box ▬▬ Stick Laminate ▬▬ Installation

Wooden box: We will do the wooden board according to the construction drawings. Then we will assemble the wooden board into the wooden cabinet. When we produce it, we will reserve the place for logo, sockets, light strip and so on.

Stick Laminate: We will apply special glue on the surface. Finally, stick the veneer on the surface of the wooden cabinet.

Installation: We will install the light box, logo, sockets, light strip and etc.

How to Pack it?

When we finished the kiosk. We will pack it into several parts. The package include the outside package and the interior package. The outside package is made into the MDF. The interior package we use the EPE foam to pack the edge an corner of the wooden cabinet.  Then we use the film to fix and wrap the wooden cabinet. Then we put the it into the wooden box and nail the wooden box.

Is it easy to install?

When we produce and divide it into several parts. When you receive the package, you open the boxes and put them together in order. Then connect the wire together.  The kiosk can work successfully.


The time include the design time, production time and shipping time. If you want to get new 3d design, it will take 3-5 working days. The production time will take 22-25 working days for the whole production process. For the production time, it depends on which port is near to. We will check the shipping time for you. And you also can tell me when will you need it, we will work out solid plan for you.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your business. Unique display as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retails cosmetic kiosk and display fixtures. If you’re interested to start your cosmetic shop or kiosk like this one. For further related design, you can contact us for further communication.

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